Available in bottles or individual sachets

Peau d’Or® is Europe’s first exclusive brand that specialises in quality tanning lotions and skin care. Our tanning accelerators use only the best ingredients to maximise your tan and make it last longer. Featuring the latest tanning technology, including cutting edge bronzers to refine and create the perfect tan.

The unique Deep ’n Dark Intensifier™ and Tan-Extend Complex™ get you a tan that lasts up to 49% longer and is up to 28% deeper! Smart-Dark Bronzers™ leave no stains or colour differences on the skin. Copperised Tan Activators™ stimulate the making of natural collagen and elasticity. You will be amazed by the spectacular results of Peau d’Or. Get ready to take your tan to the extreme!

Why use a tanning lotion?

Get tanned faster, darker and deeper. Peau d’Or lotions speed up the natural tanning process and maximise your tanning result with the help of the latest dimension bronzing blends and superb tan enhancing complexes.

Improve your skin’s health. With our advanced anti-aging complexes, natural anti-oxidants, intense moisturisers and skin firming complexes. Peau d’Or makes your skin feel softer than ever before!

Reduce the risk of skin damage and save money! With a tanning lotion from Peau d’Or you can achieve the same tanning results with less exposure to UV light.