UV sunbeds (no appointments, just walk in)

TAN CiTY sunbeds are fitted with the latest high-quality 0.3 ultra violet tanning lamps. All clients receive expert advice and an initial consultation to ensure safe and successful tanning. TAN CiTY offers a choice of UV sunbeds (lay down) or UV sun showers (stand up).

0.3 tanning is the best way to tan!

Our 0.3 tanning lamps deliver the same tanning effect as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun, but without the risk of burning.

• your tan will be deeper and longer-lasting
• the tanning process is kinder to your skin
• the risk of over-exposure or burning is effectively eliminated

“What is 0.3 and what does it mean?”

It’s the name for the new ‘low output limits’ that all sunbeds have to comply with to conform to British and European consumer safety regulations. The law has changed to protect the consumer and all sunbeds should now reduce their erythmal dose down to the level of 0.3w/m2

“Why do things have to change, I liked the sunbeds as they were?”

We prefer being safer! It is a legal requirement for all sunbeds to be of this lower output and Trading Standards Officers could close a non-compliant salon for being ‘unsafe to use’.

“Another salon I use has stronger sunbeds and I only need to go on for 8 minutes so it is cheaper than here!”

You simply cannot compare 8 minutes on the old “stronger” sunbeds to 16 minutes on the new lower output beds – IT IS NOT THE SAME TAN. The 16 minute 0.3 tanning session is safer, it will last longer (as there are less of the burning rays) and it will be a more natural colour. So it is a better quality tan and you won’t need to go on the sunbed so often.

UV tanning prices

individual tanning session:

8 minutes £9 20 minutes £16
12 minutes £12 24 minutes £18
16 minutes £14 28 minutes £20

tanning courses:

60 minutes £42 (70p per minute)
120 minutes £72 (60p per minute) includes one free tanning lotion sachet

one month membership:

£80 then all sunbed sessions £1 each (terms and conditions apply)